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Continuous Improvement Culture

Continuous Improvement (CI) Journey

Power Packaging's CI Journey began with VIP (Value Improvement Process) by engaging all associates in the continuous improvement process; creating a dialogue and empowering employees at every level to generate improved value for our stakeholders.

In aligning with DHL's CI Culture, First Choice, we have added trained experts in every plant to assist in driving CI initiatives large and small (DMAIC, Kaizen, Just Do It) to delight our customers and employees in our strive to be the Provider and Employer of Choice.



CI Journey begins with VIP


VIP Program was recognized with the following awards:

  • Supply Chain Americas CEO Award
  • DHL CEO Award Employer of Choice


Added Lean elements/Tools to the VIP tool kit:
Lean Boot Camp, TPM, A3 Management 


Building upon the VIP foundation, Power Packaging will integrate our VIP tools within DHL’s CI Culture, First Choice, creating a more holistic continuous improvement culture.


First Choice is a Key Part of DHL Strategy in 2020 and our mission to be the Investment, Provider, and Employer of Choice

Our customers say it best...

“When it comes to food safety and quality assurance, Power Packaging's VIP is industry leading.”

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First Choice Explained

First Choice is how we define and achieve continuous improvement.

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How We Define It


It is our culture and mindset to address challenges, solve issues sustainably and strive for excellence


It is a community of experts, trained and experienced in the methodologies


It is a proven set of tools and technics to help everybody improve on a daily basis

How We Achieve It

Some of our core tools and formats include:

  • Innovative packaging products and processes
  • Gemba Walks
  • Performance Dialogs
  • Problem Solving
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S model
  • Visual Management
  • Net Promoter Approach (NPA)
  • Start-Stop-Continue Method
  • ACT method
  • Process Mapping
  • Standard Work Instructions

DHL First Choice Customer Benefits

Our efforts on First Choice support us in delivering exceptional operational service to our customers.

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First Choice Contribution

Customer Benefits

We continuously track, document and share best practices on all improvement projects Sustainable service and quality across all areas from product offering to pricing, shipping, billing and customer service
We simplify our services and improve our customer touch points Improved customer experience and easy access to our services
We train and involve all employees into our optimization projects Suitable customer solutions through utilizing specialist know-how and experience
We anchor continuous improvement as an inherent part of our corporate culture Increased customer orientation and confidence, to be in good hands as a customer
We design specific problem-solving processes based on customer feedback Reliable solutions that correspond to your needs and expectations

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