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Operational Excellence

Powering quality through people, systems and processes

At Power Packaging, we view our job through the lens of people, systems and processes. It is a construct and a philosophy we follow to deliver consistent results. We hire for attitude and aptitude, provide a structured system and empower people to achieve. Customer satisfaction is the goal.

Our in-house engineering team creates custom solutions that include unique manufacturing operations to meet all of your process and packaging needs. They are backed by Quality and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that ensure complete traceability and visibility at every step.

  • Diverse Operations with over 80 successful start-ups of dry foods and liquid manufacturing plants
  • Site Analysis and Selection
  • Building Selection/Design
  • Manufacturing Operation Planning and Layout
  • Material Handling
  • Process Engineering
  • Packaging Engineering
  • Equipment Evaluation and Selection
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Project Management
  • Coordination of Outside Resources
  • Project Administration
  • Systems Integration


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Our customers say it best...

“They beat out all competitors and we didn’t make that decision lightly.”


We train our people in the art and practice of putting the customer first. From disciplined food safety practices to our Value Improvement Process (VIP), each associate is rewarded for meeting customer goals.


Power Packaging’s ERP system enables us to operate at peak efficiency. For our customers, this means:

  • Product and inventory movements through the plants are tracked and traced
  • Supply and demand data are provided to minimize inventory carrying costs and risks
  • Accurate performance data that reports results and drives continuous improvement
  • Streamlined and accelerated procurement and pricing
  • Brands are protected by ensuring the highest product quality


Power Packaging’s VIP is the company’s commitment to continuous improvement. For our customers, this means consistent quality, shorter lead times, manufacturing efficiencies and better value. VIP’s focused improvement efforts and associate engagement ensure the best attention to delivering on your brand’s promise to the market. VIP also ensures:

  • Improved operational and handling processes through our lean culture and Six Sigma expertise
  • Continuous performance tracking
  • Consistent quality via on-site testing labs
  • Ongoing safety education programs
  • Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans and safety certifications

How We Define Operational Excellence:

Power Packaging's state-of-the-art ERP system manages everything from supply chain to tracking and safety.

Blending is key at Power Packaging facilities; air systems control temperature and humidity to prevent cross contamination.

Customized filling accommodates each individual customer.

Quality labs at every plant.

Every plant is set up to accommodate product flow and customer timelines.

Metal detectors and X-ray are a routine way to ensure safety.

Allergens segregated by type, area and personnel.

Power Packaging believes in sustainability; our recycling program is industry leading.

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