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September 19, 2017

The Top Four Things Consumers Look For In Dry Food Packaging

Have you noticed how products are evolving on store shelves? The old fashioned and uninspired packaging products are being pushed aside for packaging that is targeted for consumers and their busy lives. Instead of putting out the same old packaged products, our contract manufacturing customers are changing their approach by using new products that appeal to today’s savvy consumers.

When consumers are deciding what products to purchase, they look for the items that make their lives easier. Consumers want what works best for them and their lifestyle.  It is what makes them decide to buy one product over another.

What are the top four packaging features that matter to consumers?

1)     Function
2)     Freshness
3)     Convenience
4)     Portability

At Power Packaging, we deliver what consumers are looking for. It’s part of what makes us different – our focus on the consumer.

Since we take time to understand consumers, we’re able to customize, package, and assemble products in innovative formats that consumers are looking for.  It is why we are so excited about Zipbox, our innovative, portable, hybrid packaging replacement for high barrier, multi-wall bags, canisters, and flexible stand up pouches.

Zipbox checks all the boxes for today’s consumers:

- Function– Designed with the stability of paperboard cartons, resealable, featuring a zippered pouch.
- Freshness – Its zipped pouch makes it easier to close and keeps products fresher longer.
- Convenience –  Dry foods can be stacked and stored for easier access on-the-go or in the pantry at home.
- Portability – With its stable packaging, there is no need for consumers to transfer the product to non-branded storage.

Zipbox delivers what consumers are looking for in their packaging solutions. In addition to delivering all the functionality consumers want, its intuitive design stands out on store shelves, capturing the customer’s attention. It’s just another way we use our passion for innovation to help our contract manufacturing customers better serve today’s consumers.

Contact us at (630) 377-3838 if you have a dry food or beverage packaging project you’re working on. We would be happy to schedule a time to meet and learn more about your project and share our expertise and discuss opportunities to work together.
Chuck Woods 
Executive Director
Power Packaging, A DHL Company

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