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About Power Packaging

Power Packaging is the premier provider of manufacturing and packaging services to the world’s largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. With more than 1,000 associates, we operate four manufacturing facilities with the capacity to manage large, integrated manufacturing projects and smaller-scale pilot runs for both dry food and beverage products.

The Value Power Packaging Brings:

  • Trust — The world’s leading CPG companies trust Power Packaging with billions of brand equity.
  • Safety — Depth of experience and quality programs — all plants are SQF Level 3 Certified.
  • First Choice Culture — Power Packaging's continuous improvement methodology has earned international awards.
  • Innovation — In business to commercialize innovation.
  • Financial Strength — Entrepreneurial with DHL resources.
  • Field Proven Value — 50 years’ experience in executing multifaceted projects.

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Core Services Video

Core Services

See how Power Packaging helps the world's largest consumer packaged goods manufacturers overcome major challenges and become more profitable.

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Complete Package

The Complete Package

Learn how Power Packaging delivers innovation and trust to the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies.

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Our Core Contract Manufacturing Services

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Dry Food Manufacturing & Packaging

With a corporate engineering team, we have been and continue to be at the forefront of meeting customer demands in an ever evolving market.

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Liquid Beverage Manufacturing

Aseptic beverages are gaining a new level of acceptance in the U.S. We understand what it takes to safely and efficiently produce aseptic beverages.

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Dedicated Facility

Power Packaging can manage and execute the entire facility start-up and ongoing production process within facilities.

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Commitment to Delivering Value

At Power Packaging, we’re able to deliver high-value solutions for our customers because of our:


At Power Packaging, we flex to meet your every need. Whether your focus is on reducing your manufacturing footprint or investigating new product packaging, we provide the right solution to deliver the results you expect as well as increasing efficiency and time to market.

Operational Excellence

Since 1968, Power Packaging has served the biggest names in consumer packaged goods. The brands you buy work with us because they trust us. We deliver operational excellence by having unmatched regulatory compliance and repeatedly delivering unmatched value every day.

Bottom-line Impact

By outsourcing their manufacturing, our customers reduce production costs, produce larger volumes of product, increase product sales, are able to innovate and continually earn a larger market share.

Overcome the Top 7 CPG Challenges

Learn how food and beverage companies can conquer current and future challenges and stay competitive and profitable for years to come.