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Value Improvement Process (VIP)

Continuous Improvement Excellence

Power Packaging’s Value Improvement Process (VIP) reflects the company’s commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement. VIP is our comprehensive, structured and associate-driven continuous improvement initiative. Program goals are to deliver breakthrough value to our customers and drive operational excellence through associate engagement and empowerment.

This Process ensures business directions and priorities are communicated clearly and that associates focus their improvement activities towards these priorities. The result: high associate engagement that has enabled Power Packaging to deliver consistent results for customers such as shorter lead times, on-time delivery and faster time to market.

VIP helps customers meet critical requirements:

Continuity of supply through consistent attainment of all finished product requirements
  • Shorter lead times
  • On-time deliveries
  • Cost improvements
  • Efficient start-ups
  • Effective seasonality management
  • Reduction of waste

Our customers say it best...

“When it comes to food safety and quality assurance, Power Packaging's VIP is industry leading.”

VIP harnesses the energy of our associates through a culture of continuous improvement.

VIP engages and empowers everyone, every day, to generate improved value for our stakeholders.

14 Elements focused on improving business results and driving a performance culture!

Quality Excellence
  • Essential to achieve Operational Excellence.
  • Quality is everyone’s responsibility.
  • “Do It Right The First Time!”
Systems Level Leadership
  • “Managing Means Improving!” Leaders must ensure PDCA is a way a life.
  • Lead by example.
  • Teach people to think and see waste.
Strategic Planning and Deployment
  • Focus on “Getting the Right Things Done”.
  • Ensure all team members understand how their actions support business objectives.
Customer and Market Focus
  • Customer defines the value for products.
  • Value: “What the customer wants and is willing to pay for!”
  • Everyone’s responsibility to focus on creating value for customers.
Knowledge Management
  • All employees make decisions using data.
  • Learning and sharing knowledge is how we get better quicker.
  • Data exposes problems so that they can be solved.
Workforce Focus
  • Leaders instill a culture of “go and see”.
  • We all must “Live the 7 Behaviors”.
  • Involve and enable everyone to solve problems with the work they are doing.
Process Perfection
  • Great processes deliver great results.
  • Use the right tools to identify root causes of business problems.
  • Foundation of a safe workplace.
  • Makes work easier – eliminates waste.
  • Powerful visual control.
Leadership Standard Work
  • Defines what you should be doing
  • “It is all about what you do, not what you know”.
Visual Management
  • Status of every process should be visual.
  • Hotspots (problems) are made visible.
  • Easy to see expected vs. actual.
  • What gets measured, gets improved.
Daily Accountability
  • Ensures ownership to identify problems and counter-measures in real-time.
  • “Assess” the visuals, “assign” responses, and drive “accountability”.
A3 Management
  • Creates a common language around CI.
  • Provides systematic approach to problem solving.
  • Maximizes equipment capability/capacity.
  • Extends useful life of equipment.
Lean Boot Camp
  • Teaching and deployment mechanism.